Viryklės tipo Vitrokeraminė, Orkaitės tipas Elektrinė, Balta, Plotis 50 cm, Elektroninis uždegimas, 70 L, Gylis 60 cm


Hob type Vitroceramic, Oven type Electric, Silver, Width 60 cm, Icon led display, 71 L, Depth 60 cm

Direct drive No
Producer product name CR 8052
Producer product family Washing machine
Device type Top loading
Control type Mechanical
Other features Ideal dor small laundry and delicate garments; Separate washing and spinning program; Two separate chambers; Low water and energy consumption; Easy to use; Equipped with a drain hose
Colour of product White-Grey
Drying system No
WEE classification CL109:4:2017-04-01
WEEE tax Yes
Power 190W, max 450W (washing) 630W (spin)W
Maximum spin speed 1300RPM
Rotational speed 1300RPM
Minimum spin speed 1300RPM
Warranty 24month(s)
Washing capacity 3kg
Width 60cm
Height 60cm
Depth 40cm
Gross weight 12.22kg
Tare weight (kg) 2.22kg
Type Semi-automatic
Net weight 10.00kg
Packing quantity 1.00pc(s)
Volume (m3) 0.15m³
Gross depth (mm) 600.00mm
Gross width (mm) 400.00mm
Gross height (mm) 640.00mm
Paper/Pasteboard 2200.00g
Embeeded battery No
Display Nopixels
Degiklių / virimo zonų skaičius 1, jutiklis, juoda, indukcinė, indukcinė kaitlentė




Degiklių / virimo zonų skaičius 3, juoda, laikmat


Laisvai stovintis, Stalo viršuje, Aukštis 88 cm, A +, Šaldytuvo neto talpa 112 L, Šaldiklio neto talpa 8 L, Baltas stiklas

Krūtinė, aukštis 85 cm, bendra neto talpa 100 L, A +, šaldiklio lentynų / krepšelių skaičius 1, balta, laisvai stovi





Laisvai stovintis, dvigubos durys, aukštis 116 cm, A +, šaldytuvo neto talpa 89 L, šaldiklio neto talpa 29 L, 42 dB, balta



Priekinis pakrovimas, skalbimo galia 6,5 ​​kg, 1200 aps / min, tiesioginė pavara, A +++, gylis 45 cm, plotis 60 cm, balta, NFC, ekranas, LED,


Front loading, Washing capacity 6.5 kg, 1000 RPM, Direct drive, A+++, Depth 45 cm, Width 60 cm, White, Display, LED, NFC



Priekinis pakrovimas, skalbimo galia 9 kg, džiovinimo galia 5 kg, 1400 aps / min, tiesioginė pavara, A, gylis 56 cm, plotis 60 cm, balta, garo funkcija, LED jutiklinis ekranas, džiovinimo sistema, ekranas, „Wi-Fi“



Gross depth (mm) 380.00mm
Gross height (mm) 500.00mm
Gross weight 6.20kg
Gross width (mm) 370.00mm
Net weight 5.70kg
Packing quantity 1.00pc(s)
Paper/Pasteboard 500.00g
Tare weight (kg) 0.50kg
Volume (m3) 0.07m³
Embeeded battery No
WEEE tax Yes
WEE classification CL109:4:2017-04-01
Colour of product White
Producer product name MS 8053
Producer product family Washing machine semi automatic
Steam function No
Viewing window Yes
Device type Top loading
Type Free standing
Other features Ideal for small laundry and delicate garments. Washing program (15min.). Low water and energy consumption. Easy to use. Drain hose included. Ideal for small apartments, cottages, while traveling.
Width 36cm
Height 53cm
Depth 37cm
Drying system No
Washing capacity 3kg
Direct drive No
Special features Spinning capacity: up to 1kg. Rated power: 150W. Max washing power: 400W. Max spin power 580W.
Warranty 24month(s)
Display Nopixels